Feel your nature 

It all started with nature photographs of old roots on a tropical island, weathered by water and sun. They had this amazing look of driftwood and served as inspiration for our art designer. These images were transferred into a statement designer print.

Our first collection is a line for relaxation of mind and body. The product designs are functional and made to unwind and support good sitting or relaxing posture.

Feel your nature! Let yourself be carried slowly by a current of air or water. Enjoy a much needed moment of stillness and contemplation in a world filled with schedules and deadlines. 


Mani Mina

Mani Mina is a Thailand-based designer studio which combines the passion of living near nature while running Mani Mina brand and thus reflecting their individual lifestyle which fulfills their existence in being human.

They strongly believe Mani Mina is the path to reach that common dream. As they make clothing with care, Mani Mina trusts the clothes can reflect well the values of living: simplicity, authenticity, nature and a little peace of mind.

Mani Mina closely pays attention to the details and combines them in the simple construction with a creative combination and local touch.


Traditional built quality that lasts!

Red Mountain® is committed to supply high quality topproducts you really can depend on. A trustworthy quality label, including a customer service you can rely on.

Are you looking for high quality towels, bathrobes or shirts, you will definitely make the right choice by buying a Red Mountain® product. The Red Mountain® line is constituted of only highest quality products, a product line we continuously want to extend.